I’m failing at the number one important thing about blogging: frequency. Not for lack of material, either.  I want to mix some tech industry/society-as-a-whole/slice-o’-life in with what’s probably going to be a politics-dominated blog, but well, politics is dominating.


  • I hold out a smidgen of hope that Dodd and Feingold will filibuster the execrable FISA bill, or at least the telco immunity (read: “administration illegal act coverup”) amendment.
  • The Ds aren’t pushing hard enough on the “all the drilling we can do might drop gas prices 8 cents 10 years from now” angle.  The “can’t drill our way out of this” message isn’t concrete enough.
  • Besides, all the ANWR oil a) is rounding error in Saudi output; b) will all go to China anyway, and c) is only important because American companies will get $135/bbl for it instead of Saudi Arabia.
  • I’m heartened the IG and DOJ are starting to reveal the depth and breadth of Administration lawlessness, but frankly I don’t see anybody in handcuffs yet, and that indicates we probably shouldn’t expect it.
  • The best way to figure out who George W. Bush really is is to listen to Karl Rove describe Barack Obama. When he starts describing the activities of Obama’s collegiate secret society and how Michelle really killed her boyfriend in an “accidental” car crash, well, then we’ll know for sure.



One response to “Quickies

  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog through technorati, and you’re doing a good job.

    I wrote a couple of posts about the whole oil nonsense at my own blog that you might be interested in. The first is about some of the conspiracy nutters claims about “renewable” oil, and the second is a strong criticism of the myth of big domestic reserves.


    Take care, keep up the good work!

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