As I suggested yesterday, he didn’t have any problem with turning a complete 180° on Obama’s readiness to be President.  No explanations, no apology, no regrets. Which is in classic form for him.

Man, I wish he could run for a third term. With all his faults he was the best President of my generation.

Also good to hear:  Biden being Biden, real salt of the earth, passionate, and direct. He got to make the dads cry for once.  Kerry outdid himself; even the right-wing analysts had praise for his performance.  The surprise appearance by Barack was a good closing to the Pepsi Center and a prelude to the big event tomorrow.

And New mexico yielding to Illinois, who deftly yielded to New York to allow Clinton to move to suspend the rules and nominate Obama by acclamation was deft, touching, and brilliant.  She got the bestest consolation prize they’ve ever given the runner-up.  That probably did more to give closure to the (few) dead-enders than even the featurette and podium time yesterday did.

So, yes, the first two days were pretty bleak, but for Clinton (and Kucinich and Schweitzer).  But today had drama, pathos, excellent oratory, and a strong liberal message–which, considering it was National Security theme day, was a big deal.


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