Lie of the Day

Just to keep track.

  • September 24: McCain suspends his campaign as of Thursday in order to rush to Washington to work on the bailout rescue plan. As of 4pm 9/25 all McCain campaign offices are open, McCain ads are still running on television, McCain surrogates are making media appearances, Palin made a campaign appearance at Ground Zero, and McCain himself didn’t show up in DC until noon, when an agreement had already been announced.  GOP staffers said that McCain’s participation actually caused a day of delay.
  • September 23: New York Times documents how Rick Davis, McCain campaign manager, was paid $15,000 per month through August 2008 by a lobbying firm on retainer to Freddie Mac to continue his work lobbying for it and other mortgage holders, contradicting McCain’s statement Sunday night that Davis “had nothing to do with them” after 2005.
  • September 22: McCain campaign in screechy attack on New York Times asserts that Biden’s son is a lobbyist for the credit card industry (false), that Obama had a fundraiser at Ayers’ house (false), and that Wexler called Palin a Nazi sympathizer (false). When confronted with these inaccuracies, Goldfarb replied, “[You’re] quibbling with ridiculously small details when the basic things are completely right!”
  • September 19: Assertion that Frank Raines advised Obama on mortgage issues, implies Obama is entangled with Fannie May and Raines’ misdeeds.  Denied by both Raines and Obama; Raines had contacted Fiorina to correct it prior to the ad’s airing.  Fact is that McCain campaign manager Rick Davis was a lobbyist paid by Fannie Mae.
  • September 19: Assertion that Frank Raines and Jim Johnson payouts were with “your money.”  No, not really.  Not taxpayer money.  They were private, shareholder-owned companies.
  • September 18: Claim that Obama intends to tax electricity, fuel oil.  No substantiation or defense at all; made up out of whole cloth.
  • September 18: Vow that he would fire the head of the FEC.  Wait, he meant SEC. Wait, the Supreme Court said in 1935 the President cannot fire members or chairs of independent commissions.
  • September 17: Claims Obama and Senate Democrats sabotaged immigration reform. Truth is that the Dems and McCain were on the same side; nativist Republicans killed the bill.
  • September 16: McCain is qualified to handle the financial crisis because his chairmanship of the Commerce Committee “helped create the BlackBerry miracle”  and “oversees every part of the economy.” He’s a self-described computer illiterate whose Commerce Committee role specifically excludes banks, insurance, and investment oversight.
  • September 15: Tucker Bounds defends campaign statements that Obama will “raise your taxes” with the argument that “his record says that he will”, therefore it’s OK to lie.  Even Fox News doesn’t buy that.
  • September 14:Karl Rove states on Fox News that, “McCain has gone in some of his ads — similarly gone one step too far, and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100-percent-truth test.”
  • September 13: Virginia officials deny they provided crowd estimates to the McCain campaign for a September 10 rally that the campaign said was attended by 23,000 people.  Reporters estimated the crowd at a third that size. 
  • September 12: On The View, McCain asserts, repeatedly, that Sarah Palin did not request any earmarks as Governor.  Palin actually requested $198 million in 2008. 

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