I have to remember, often, that Obama is right, and I’m often wrong, and that’s why he’s going to be President.  

Like so many on both sides, I want my candidate to land solid hits in the debates, below the belt if possible.  And Wednesday seems primed for it.  McCain has been accusing Obama of lying about his relationship with William Ayers, and Obama has quite correctly pointed out that McCain has said that in speeches and TV commercials but not to his face.  He’s essentially called McCain a coward.  

And McCain’s own supporters are losing patience with his reluctance to throw a punch.  Last time he promised to “get ’im.” And he made no mention of Ayers, Wright, Rezko, or Acorn.  Again this week he’s promised to “whip his a**” but that, too, is probably cowardly bluster.

Should Obama actually call him on it?  

Part of me really, really wants to see the famous McCain temper come out on national teevee, and hear his honest characterization of his African-American fellow Senator.  I think Obama knows the exact few, well-chosen words to say to just make him pop at the seams.

But he won’t, because it’s un-Presidential.  It’s not fitting. It might alienate people who are sympathetic to him but still slightly afraid of him.  And it is completely unnecessary.  McCain is making a hash of his Presidential run all by himself (just as Hillary Clinton did); he needs no push from Obama to complete his descent into blithering irrelevance.  

All Obama needs to do is stay cool, present his case, walk in his own shoes, and let lesser men like McCain use fear, anger, and frustration.  It is not only the way to win, but it’s the way to win over America.


One response to “Cool

  1. Great post, especially since I not only agree with everything you said, but have argued almost the exact same to others. It was Obama’s steady, strategic pace that has led him to where he is today and he should not abandon it now. Nor will he. Though it would be a lot of fun to watch him bait McCain into exploding.

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