Glenn Beck is the perfect example of the Conservative fallacy.

Having been raised with the all the benefits of an open, liberal society, he has come out with the belief that all his success is due to his own effort, and not to the structure that modern civilization created for him.

That’s what allows him and his ilk to look down on the unsuccessful: they must not be working as hard as I am.  And therefore they are morally undeserving of success, or even assistance.

“How did I learn about the evils of progressivism? I educated myself.  I went to the library.  Books are free.

I’ve been on food stamps and Welfare.  Anybody help me out? No.”

The essence of the modern Conservative spirit is a blind selfishness, wrapped in ignorance and piety.  Jesus tells us to love one another; to reconcile that with resenting and hating other people, one has to deny reality on a fairly large scale.


2 responses to “Libraries

  1. I don’t know. Nature doesn’t use socialism. It’s survival of the fittest. It doesn’t seem selfish to me to expect people to be personally responsible or work hard instead of depending on handouts. The two most liberal states in the nation are totally bankrupt.

    Just my opposing view. Note that I don’t watch Glenn Beck.

  2. “Nature doesn’t use socialism”, is a typically myopic view. Bees, ants, whales, dolphins, kangaroos, cows, wildebeast, springbok, buffalo, sheep, even predators like wolves, lions and so on all have socialistic aspects to their societies (these are just a few off the top of my head). It’s a matter of balance.
    Anyway that type of argument is irrelevant. What separates humans from the animals is their capacity for higher thought and the capacity to change their environment. With that greater capacity comes greater responsibility. Human beings have the capability to destroy the planet. No wildebeast or even a dolphin or whale has that capacity. As such human beings have a responsibility (note the word that likes to be bandied about), towards the rest of the planet and towards species ‘weaker’ than them. Or maybe you advocate species extinction or dessimation?
    In the same way, people (or groups of people) in power, people with affluence, have a greater responsibility to do good with their power and affluence. Not every person can have power and affluence. That goes against the definition. The hobo on the street has less power to do harm than the president of the United States.
    People with power, those that are elected to public office, and people with affluence need to be held accountable for their actions much more than others, as their actions can have a greater impact. And for those that are elected to office, it is their job to consider what is for the greater good of the nation (that includes all people).
    ‘Survival of the fittest’ is what dictatorial, corrupt government leaders go by. They are looking after themselves and a few of their mates, enough to maintain their power. That’s all that matters. What then is the meaning of democracy, or the need for it?

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